Improve your website results with Cliengo.

Day by day business lose leads for not giving an immediate answer to the multiple queries in their website. Cliengo talks proactively with each user, improving conversion results and providing a friendly experience through conversation.

Cliengo is the best ally of your sales team

Cliengo adapts to your processes and helps them to organize so you can focus on what generates most value.

Chatbot + Live Chat

Chatbot + Live Chat

Automate your client’s questions on your web and allow your sales team to enter at the live conversation when there is a sales opportunity.

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WhatsApp Free Widget Cliengo

WhatsApp Widget

You will be able to talk in real time with every person that visits your website and register all the information in CRM automatically.

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WhatsApp chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot

All the power of chatbot integrated with WhatsApp so you can automatically answer to your customers, without losing data on the way.

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All the leads of your digital campaigns integrated in one place to achieve better monitoring, improve your processes and obtain real measurements.

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How does Cliengo work?

Talk proactively with all the customers that visit your website, request an overcoming experience and obtain a qualified lead for a better business follow-up.

Cliengo helps your business to face your main challenges.

  • Loss of potential customers.

  • Sales processes that don’t scale.

  • Inability to respond in real time.

Cliengo helps your business to face your main challenges.

Improve your clients experience in real time

Through proactive conversations, our Chatbot and Whatsapp widget help your sales team to get contact information of every person in your website: name, phone, email and question.

Improve your clients experience in real time

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cliengo automates processes that take time away from teams using the power of artificial intelligence. It helps you to analyze large amounts of data so you can understand what your customer’s frequently questions are, and prepare advanced reports so you can measure the performance and rate of your team closure.


Much simpler

Unlike other conversational platforms, Cliengo does not need any technical knowledge required and is much easier and quicker to implement. So you will only have to worry about seeing results and keep improving your customer’s experience.

Much simpler

100% adapted to your business’s processes

Cliengo integrates with pre-existing technologies of your business to facilitate the experience and optimize results. More than 1,300 applications can be connected with our tools so you won’t lose leads and can control ROI: Pipedrive, Tokko, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics and much more.

100% adapted to your business’s processes

Cliengo is present in more than 6000 companies

These are the areas that most represent us.

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What our clients say

See how Springwall, a leading mattress firm, increased their conversion rate with Cliengo


"Most of our sales originate from the chatbot conversations. Cliengo provides crucial information for our salespeople, allowing them to quickly get in touch with our leads. It's a really powerful, intuitive and easy-to use platform that anyone can learn to use within minutes."

Pablo Vazquez
Marketing Manager at Springwall

Innovation Awards

FastCompany Cliengo

Fast Company

Fast Company choose us like the 6th World's Most Innovative Companies for 2019 in Latin America.

Google partner Cliengo


Named as Google Premier Partner we received the Google Innovation Award for 2017.

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