Most of your visitors leave because they want to chat.

Cliengo is a Chatbot that converts your visitors into leads, 24/7!
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Cliengo's Solutions


Our automatic chatbot simulates the behaviour of a real person to obtain your visitors contact data. It can be customized to your needs.

2x more Conversions

95% of our customers at least doubled their conversion rate after installing the Chatbot.

New feature!

Join the conversation

With this new feature, not only your bot handles the initial communication with your potential clients. You can actually join the conversations and chat with your visitors!.

Customer Management

Cliengo's CRM allows you to manage your contacts inside our application, so you don't need to hire a third party CRM. However, if you'd like to use another software to manage your contacts, we integrate with lots of CRMs!.


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per month


Up to 10 Monthly Leads

Customers Database (CRM)

Join Conversations

Up to 1 Website

Up to 1 User

Third party integrations


per month


Up to 100 Monthly Leads

Customers Database (CRM)

Join Conversations

Up to 2 Websites

Up to 3 Users

Third party integrations


per month


Up to 400 Monthly Leads

Customers Database (CRM)

Join Conversations

Up to 3 Websites

Up to 5 Users

Third party integrations


per month


    Up to 1000 Monthly Leads

    Base de Clientes (CRM)

    Join Conversations

    Up to 5 Websites

    Unlimited Users

    Third party integrations



Cliengo's solutions also have the integrations you need for your business.

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