Improve your website conversions

Getting traffic to your website is not enough. The most important part is converting it into qualified leads for your sales team. Cliengo chatbot talks to your leads on your website 24/7, increasing your sales and marketing results, while giving a great experience to your customers.

Empower your sales team

We are a conversational marketing platform aimed to give to your website visitors the best experience possible. Discover all of the features that are specially designed to help you close more sales than ever.



Designed to automate the conversation process on your website, Cliengo’s chatbot increases the number of leads that interact with your site.

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Live Chat

Live Chat

Increase the potential of your sales team by converting the chatbot into a live chat.

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Free CRM

Free CRM

Manage all your leads sales cycle with Cliengo Free CRM. Following up on sales has never been easier!

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See how Springwall, a leading mattress firm, increased their conversion rate with Cliengo


"Most of our sales originate from the chatbot conversations. Cliengo provides crucial information for our salespeople, allowing them to quickly get in touch with our leads. It's a really powerful, intuitive and easy-to use platform that anyone can learn to use within minutes."

Pablo Vazquez
Marketing Manager at Springwall

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How does a chatbot platform work?

Using a chatbot on your website gives a better experience to your users and increases your business conversion rate.

Enhanced to boost your sales opportunities

Cliengo chatbot is a proactive bot that helps your sales team, easily converting visitors into leads while it asks for their contact information: name, telephone and e-mail. All this information is automatically transferred to our free CRM for follow up, increasing your chances of closing the sale.

Enhanced to boost your sales opportunities

Improves your CX in real time

Cliengo proactively offers assistance to all of your website visitors 24/7 using a fluent and friendly dialog flow. The conversation can be easily intervened through our live chat by a sales representative at any given time.

Improves your CX in real time

Artificial Intelligence for your business

Thanks our machine learning technology, Cliengo can provide key insights and statistics for your business to help you make strategic decisions based on data.


Install and configure Cliengo in a few minutes

Can’t code? No problem! You don’t need any technical knowledge to install Cliengo on your website. Follow a two step simple process, which doesn’t require further configuration.

Install and configure Cliengo in a few minutes

Perfectly adaptable to your business needs

Cliengo integrates with our internal business process seamlessly, allowing you to maximize your company’s potential. Integrate Cliengo to your CRM, digital marketing campaigns and more than 1300 web apps.

Perfectly adaptable to your business needs

Innovation Awards

FastCompany Cliengo

Fast Company choose us like the 6th World's Most Innovative Companies for 2019 in Latinamerica.

Google partner Cliengo

Named as Google Premier Partner we received the Google Innovation Award for 2017.

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