All of your customer information always at hand

Easily access each of your client's info. Browse their contact details and their conversations on the chat. Qualify your leads and manage your sales cycle in a few simple steps.

Allocate new leads to your sales team automatically

With Cliengo CRM you can effortlessly assign each new potential customer to one of your sales representatives

Follow up on your leads to close a deal

Organize and identify which leads need to be followed up on, which ones qualify for sales and which ones don't quickly and effectively. Add notes, schedule contact dates and more!


Write notes, phonebook calls, and much more!

Easily order and visualize those customers that need to be contacted, those who still have some doubts and those who finally bought.

See how Springwall, a leading mattress firm, increased their conversion rate with Cliengo

"Most of our sales originate from the chatbot conversations. Cliengo provides crucial information for our salespeople, allowing them to quickly get in touch with our leads. It's a really powerful, intuitive and easy-to use platform that anyone can learn to use within minutes."

Pablo Vazquez
Marketing Manager at Springwall


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