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The chatbot of Cliengo multiplies your contacts, attending them instantly in a personalized way, 24/7.

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How a chatbot works for sales

Start a conversation

Set the time in which the chat greets your customers.

Chat pro-actively

Cliengo maintains a fluid and friendly conversation with your visitors.

Capture contact data

Cliengo is optimized to obtain the contact data and relevant information of your potential clients.

Automatic responses

Unlike live chat, Cliengo allows you to detect which queries are most made by visitors to your website and schedule automatic responses, increasing the conversion rate.


Personalization of questions

Do you need more information from your client before being able to advise him? No problem! Easily configure what you want the Cliengo Chatbot to ask your customers.

In addition, the Chatbot already gets its name, email and / or phone, geographical location and from what source of digital marketing was generated (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc).


Adjust it to your business

Modify the colors of the window, the name of the chatbot, its logo, the time you want it to wait before speaking to your customers and more, to adapt them to your brand and business.


Multiple languages

Cliengo speaks in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Do you need any other language? Contact us for more information.


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